Ralo Reportedly Pleads Not Guilty To Drug Charges


Ralo has proved to have a major voice in Atlanta’s hip hop scene. In 2017, he made a major impact by dropping two solo projects as well as his collaborative effort with Gucci Mane. Despite the major co-signs from the biggest names in the city, the rapper recently faced a setback in his career after he was arrested for “conspiracy to commit a felony.” His apartment in Atlanta was raided by FBI and Homeland Security and federal investigators said they found nearly $1M worth marijuana on his private flight. However, the rapper has maintained his innocence and has reportedly plead not guilty to the drug trafficking charges.

According to 11Alive news in Atlanta, the rapper and nine other people who were also arrested have plead not guilty to the drug charges. The rapper is still behind bars. However, his lawyer said they’re working towards getting him released on bond soon. 

The arrest has undoubtedly been heavy on Ralo’s family life. 11Alive spoke to his wife who said that it’s taken a toll on his kids. She said that their son continuously asks where his father is. 

In late April, reports surfaced that if he were to be found guilty, he’d have to surrender several properties including a 20 unit apartment complex that was raided by the feds as well as nine cars. We’ll keep you updated on his case as more information surfaces.