Rajon Rondo Responds To Ray Allen's New Book: "He Wants Attention"


Ray Allen’s new book hasn’t ficially hit shelves yet, but it’s already causing quite a stir and one the writing’s subjects is hoping to get in on the financial action as Rajon Rondo recently opened up about his thoughts on the excerpts from Allen’s From the Outside: My Journey Through Life and the Game I Love in which he is implicated.

In the new excerpts, Allen details his years as a Boston Celtic alongside teammates that included Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo, describing a moment in which coach Doc Rivers blocked the trading Rondo to the New Orleans Hornets for Chris Paul because he simply did not want to place the burden Rondo—ten described as a player who is difficult to coach—on his close friend and Hornets coach Monty Williams.

“He just wants attention,” Rondo told the Boston Globe. “I need actually some sales from the book], only publicity] it’s been getting is from my name. I need some percentage or something. His people contact my people or something. The only pub I’ve been hearing about is when he mentions my name.”

Allen’s relationship with his former teammates became strained when he decided to sign with the Miami Heat for the 2011-2012 season after feeling betrayed by Boston’s administration. The move broke up the “Big Three” consisting Allen, Pierce, and Garnett. The two-time NBA champion has since mended his relationship with Paul Pierce, but remains at odds with Garnett and Rondo.

“Obviously, that man is hurting,” Rondo added Allen. “I don’t know if it’s financially, I don’t know if it’s mentally. He wants to stay relevant. I am who I am. I don’t try to be something I’m not. I can’t say the same for him. He’s looking for attention. I’m a better human being than that. I take accountability for my actions. Certain stuff] happens in my life, I man up. But he has a whole other agenda.”