Raine Maida and Chantal Kreviazuk Chronicle the Making of New Album and Documentary, ‘I am Going to Break Your Heart’


Our Lady Peace frontman Raine Maida and singer-pianist Chantal Krezuk met at a Pearl Jam live performance in Toronto in 1996. They have been each signed to Sony. Three years later, they married.

Two many years later, the pair have every had appreciable business success and are elevating three sons collectively. Our Lady Peace’s 9 studio albums have offered hundreds of thousands. Krezuk has six gold and platinum studio albums, in addition to songwriting credit for Kendrick Lamar, Pitbull, Kelly Clarkson, Josh Groban, Drake and Shakira. Maida has co-written and produced different artists, together with Avril Lavigne, together with his spouse.

Now they’re taking 2019 to be collectively as MOON VS SUN, and touring and selling a documentary, I’m Going To Break Your Heart, on the making of their first album collectively, which shares the identical titleThe first single/video is the buoyant, commitment-affirming trade “Lowlight.”

The movie — which premiered in Toronto and screens in Los Angeles Saturday (Feb. 16) at TCL Chinese Theater and in Krezuk's hometown in Winnepeg March 13 — captures the inventive course of whereas following the pair into remedy classes with coach Dr. John Grey. Krezuk tells the physician she feels taken without any consideration, whereas Maida claims he’s doing his greatest. 

On a journey to the remoted French island of Saint Pierre et Miquelon off the coast of Newfoundland within the bitter chilly of winter, the writing classes generally reveal a extremely delicate and tearful Krezuk and an irritated and resigned Maida. While there are touching moments of Maida venturing out to get his spouse breakfast or making an attempt to be affected person whereas she retailers for garments as a result of her baggage is misplaced, there are fights when he calls her tune thought “silly” or she yells at him to cease leaping on a frozen lake.

In addition to their squabbles, the doc additionally covers the reside recording of the album, out March 1, at Rick Rubin’s Shangri-La Studios in Malibu. The classes have been so electrical, Maida tells Billboard, “We all felt this celebration of triumph.” 

In the interview with Billboard, the 2 come off just like the long-married couple they’re. They have been totally on the identical web page, however after they disagreed, it didn’t faze them. Turns out all is nicely within the Maida/Krezuk family — the tough patch was a blip that yielded an sincere snapshot of their lives and love.

How are you feeling in regards to the launch of such a private documentary? People are going to be uncovered to part of your lives that you just've stored to your self.

Maida: Now that you just say it like that, I’m scared.

Krezuk: I might name it peacefully petrified.

Maida: I justify it within the sense of to get to the music, you must perceive that half. Otherwise I don't assume the music would have as a lot which means. It's about collaboration. It’s in regards to the battle, the honesty of it. That's why the music means one thing. Otherwise it could simply be a bunch of pop songs that nobody offers a shit about. This has our lives in it. 

You've labored collectively for 20 years, beginning with co-writes on Chantal’s second album, Colour Moving and Still, in 1999. Raine, you’ve produced Chantal. You've written collectively for different artists. What made MOON VS SUN so completely different or so tough?

Krezuk: After we had kids, there was plenty of change. On a private stage, I do know I've modified loads. Once you’ve a household, it's simply so flipping laborious. As you see within the movie, our coach says, “When was the final time you frolicked?” Plenty of the music we made collectively, if it was a solo album Raine was producing of mine, we had a deadline, we had a funds, we had tasks. There was actual professionalism to it. But when it got here to us making our factor collectively, that was tougher as a result of there have been no parameters like that. And it was coming collectively in an equal approach, in comparison with Raine’s producing my album [where] it's my tune; he's serving to me.

Raine, this must be 50-50. Is that robust for you?

Maida: No. That was understood. The robust factor is it's a brand new challenge.

Krezuk [to Maida]: Are you saying “No” to what I stated?

Maida: No, I’m saying that wasn’t an enormous deal, the 50-50 factor.

Krezuk: I’m saying extra the dynamic of “it's us,” it’s a distinct factor. 

Maida: I simply assume there's plenty of studying as a result of we'd by no means written for ourselves. When you're writing for another person, you’re not going to combat the identical approach for an thought that you just're going to need to go sing. But Chantal and me, it was beginning to develop into very easy to not end it or not even begin it. The film bought us going. By saying, “We're going to movie this,” you rent folks to carry their cameras and get on flights and fly to Saint Pierre. We can't make an excuse this time as we've accomplished for seven years in a row as a result of different folks's livelihoods and vitality and time are on the road. 

Krezuk: Yeah, regardless that we weren’t doing nicely as a pair at the moment, it didn't matter. 

You might’ve accomplished a documentary strictly in regards to the writing and recording of MOON VS SUN and never had the connection coach in it. 

Maida: But you possibly can’t.

Krezuk: No, no, no. We might have, however then you definately would’ve seen these folks struggling.

Without context?

Maida: Yeah, these songs wouldn’t imply half as a lot with out the private a part of it and exhibiting that. You actually don't get to know a lot about our lives [in the film]. You simply get to know that we’re actual those who undergo the identical shit everybody else does and we’re making an attempt to work it out.

Krezuk: We're making an attempt to attach.

Maida: We’re making an attempt to attach in order that we will get to the music. If we have been to edit all that stuff out, you’ll’ve had this documentary, however no context to the songs. It's like, “Why is he writing a tune referred to as 'I Can Change?'"  Even once we have been hinting at doing this collectively years in the past, my complete factor was all the time, “We can't simply write a report for the sake of placing out a report; now we have to say one thing.” And the one factor that we will say is what we all know as companions, as a pair. 

Once the documentary is out, there’ll seemingly be unsolicited marriage recommendation from folks.

Krezuk: Yup. [People] insert themselves, for certain. We did check screenings and it was phenomenal how individuals are so humorous. They’re like, “They shouldn't be on an island the place it's chilly within the winter.” I’m like, “Thanks pal, sure.”

When you come again from Saint Pierre, you see your coach. Chantal says you each didn’t do the work, and, Raine, you say it didn’t go nicely. Was this concerning what you have been in a position to create on that island, or did you simply imply when it comes to fixing the issues in your relationship?

Maida: Well, she says that she thinks I assumed it went nicely.

Krezuk: Because the music was good. 

Maida: And it's true. We knew, in all probability even in our unconscious, that going into that surroundings, it was going to be tough. There have been going to be these peaks and valleys. It wasn't simply going to be clean crusing. So that's why we noticed Dr. John earlier than we went, to attempt to get in that self-aware place. I might say if we didn’t try this, it could have gone loads worse [laughs].

Krezuk: I don’t understand how aware we grew to become as a result of I didn’t do nicely being that distant from the youngsters.

Would you do that once more for MOON VS SUN’s second album?

Krezuk: It’s completely different now. Raine and I, no matter that wave was, it was two years in the past that we shot that. 

Maida: I feel you must do one thing like that to start out something. If you're a start-up, you must put in each ounce of your self and your physique and vitality and keenness and mind and every thing at the start. Once it begins going, you’ve a little bit of that skill-set now and you will get to that place simpler. 

Krezuk: You have a springboard.

Maida: Now, we will in all probability begin writing on our personal; not on our personal, however we don't need to go write all of it, collectively, without delay.

Krezuk: There could possibly be extra of an immediacy now to the method. Now that we've gotten underway, I feel MOON VS SUN has discovered its voice.

Maida: The subsequent section of this challenge is beginning off on a really excessive be aware.