Rain Phoenix Announces Debut Solo Album, Honors Late Brother River With Lead Single ‘Immolate’: Exclusive


Singer-songwriter Rain Phoenix continues to unveil her first solo work in 2019 with the arrival of her latest single “Immolate,” along with the announcement of her solo debut album, River, expected to arrive Oct. 31 LaunchLeft.

The debut album and its lead single follow the three-song solo package that arrived in February, which featured the Michael Stipe-assisted single “Time Is the Killer” and two unreleased tracks from Aleka’s Attic, the band Phoenix formed with her late brother River in the 1980s. 

The familial connection between the two elder Phoenix siblings has had a lasting impact on Rain’s pursuits and runs through her emergence as a solo artist this year. Beyond the titular inspiration for her debut album, Rain further commemorates her brother’s legacy through “Immolate,” which makes its wide release debut on Friday, Aug. 23 — what would have been the actor’s 49th birthday — while the accompanying album is set to arrive on Oct. 31, the 26th anniversary of his death.

“Immolate” introduces the themes of struggle and recovery from loss that gives an unmistakable sincerity and emotional heft to Phoenix’s music. She delivers a truly transformative experience as her voice pierces with pristine clarity over a delicate but deliberate composition with piano and light string accompaniment.

Phoenix reflects back on the song, telling Billboard, “‘Immolate’ is for loved ones who remain in our hearts long after they’ve left our view.”

Though “Immolate” marks a new phase of Phoenix’s career as a solo artist, it gives listeners a hint of the treasure that the artist has held within herself all these years. 

Check out “Immolate” exclusively on Billboard below.