Rad is "StarHopping" with his new single


Brooklyn based rapper/producer Rad (Radames Duran) drops his new single titled “StarHopping”. The uplifting track which was produced by DJ Pain 1 & DreamLife has a soothing, solemn backdrop as Rad dwells on his future and present endeavors as he strives to reach his goals. He also brings in Chelsea Joy Cabrega, Aristea Maldonado & Justine Beltran who all contribute background vocals on the track.

Currently residing in Queens, Rad spends most of his time writing and producing music. He will take the occasional break to sip on something to give him inspiration, which oftentimes is good whiskey. To Rad, making music is all about self-expression, having a good time, and provoking thought and contemplation in his listeners. As Rad puts it, “Good, bad, facts, life.”

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