Rachel Roy Claims Dame Dash Is Always High, Abusive & Bullies Their Daughters


The pot only continues to stir in Dame Dash’s personal life. New reports by Bossip indicate his ex-wife of 10 years, Rachel Roy, is currently fighting him for full custody of their 11-year old daughter Tallulah. Most recently, the entrepreneur filed for greater custody rights because his former partner allegedly drank too much. Moreover, The Blast indicated that Dame wants further custody, however, both Rachel Roy and his teenage daughter Ava are not here for it at all. The reasons behind their vehement denial stem from claims that Dash is constantly high as a kite around his children and has a lengthy history of domestic abuse. Accordingly, Roy claims the children have anxiety around their father. 

The mother further alleges that Dash’s relationship with his 19-year-old daughter Ava is tense because she is afraid of her father’s temperamental ways. Furthermore, the teen filed a declaration wherein she stated concern for the hip hop mogul’s marijuana smoking and alcohol drinking habits, all of which allegedly toy with his mood by making him more excitable, irritable and unpredictable. Rachel Roy even affirms her former husband is emotionally abusive to both of their daughters, often pitting them against each other. Roy also slams Dame’s claims that Tallulah requested more time with him.