R. Kelly’s Lawyer Offers Michael Avenatti Legal Aid After Extortion Charges


Michael Avenatti is currently representing several of R. Kelly‘s alleged victims in their sexual abuse case against the singer. Although Kelly and his lawyer, Steve Greenberg, have stated that the singer is innocent, Avenatti’s presented the court sex tapes showing the singer allegedly engaging in sexual activities with underage women. However, in wake of Avenatti’s recent extortion charges, he’s been offered legal assistance from Greenberg.

R. Kelly's Lawyer Offers Michael Avenatti Legal Aid After Extortion Charges
Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

It’s hard to tell whether R. Kelly’s attorney is trolling Michael Avenatti or not, but it looks like he’s willing to put their feud aside to help Avenatti fight against his charges. “Because I don’t hold grudges I am happy to offer #Avenatti My legal assistance since I hear he needs a good lawyer,” he wrote on Twitter yesterday.

Despite his “willingness” to help out Avenatti, he did throw some shade at the famed attorney by retweeting a clip of Avenatti’s appearance on The View where he said, “All of my sexual fantasies involve handcuffs.”

After Avenatti was released on bond, he held a press conference confidently proclaiming that he’ll be exonerated on all charges. Later on, hopped on Twitter doubling down that he never tried to extort Nike. 

Greenberg said Avenatti’s entitled to his innocence but he should probably keep his mouth shut.

#MichaelAvenetti Is entitled to a presumption of innocence, a presumption he never affords anyone else, but he needs to STFU. He is acting as if he is representing himself and you know what they say, that makes him the fool!” He said.