R. Kelly Insists There’s "Zero Evidence" Proving He Has Herpes: Report


R. Kelly‘s currently behind bars after he was hit with federal charges. Deemed a flight risk, Kelly was not granted bail by the judge on his case. According to The Blast, the singer wrote a lengthy letter to the judge pleading for his release. The singer’s team insisted that he isn’t a danger to the community nor is he a flight risk. But one thing that he also addresses is the allegations of knowingly giving one of his alleged victims an STD without disclosing that he has herpes. The singer’s asking to be released from federal custody or be granted bail.

R. Kelly Insists There's "Zero Evidence" Proving He Has Herpes: Report
Mike Pont/Getty Images

“Currently there is zero evidence that Robert has herpes, knew he had herpes, or knew he could have herpes and recklessly conducted himself,” the letter reads. “ZERO evidence exists.”

Faith Rodgers, an alleged victim who hit Kelly with two lawsuits, has been working with the feds on Kelly’s case. However, Kelly’s team slammed Rodgers as a “disgruntled groupie who alleges she has herpes and got it from Robert.”

His team also claimed that the government illegally obtained the singer’s medical files as a reference for the herpes claims.

“The government alludes to having Robert’s medical records that they believe may nor may not demonstrate that he too may have herpes, but they did not disclose if they properly and/or legally procured same, if they have factually and scientifically established it’s the same strain of herpes, or who had it first.”

The judge will likely respond to Kelly’s letter during his arraignment this Friday.