R. Kelly Helps Couple Announce Pregnancy In Rare Jovial Moment


Who better to help announce something wholesome like the birth a child than the pied piper R. Kelly. He once had his day, in fact he did it three times, all with his former spouse Andrea Lee. So before we debase him, and yes we can, let’s take heed to his experience as a “bringer life.” Of course, conceiving a child is hardly the part that requires any dedication, I digress.

R. Kelly ran into Mike and Cara Thomas, husband and wife, outside the Trump Hotel in the Windy City. Instead asking for an autograph or a selfie, the couple decided to confide with him their child bearing news, R. Kelly all people. The couple turned on their inverse camera option and signed on live to Social Media. The video (available below) begins with the couple or namely Cara, singing the opening measures R. Kelly’s “Havin’ a Baby” only to have the singer pop up and fill in the remainder the chorus.

R. Kelly playfully pointed out that Cara, probably not a pressional singer by any account, “was a little f-key.” The controversial singer then congratulate the soon-to-be parents and went on his merry way. This Social Media appearance is a rare media spotting him in better spirits. The ongoing legal case stemming from sex cult accusations has permeated our news cycle, as well as his thoughts, for weeks on end.