R. Kelly Allegedly Admitted That He Cannot Read Or Write To Wendy Williams


It’s difficult to believe that with as much access to education as there is in North America, there are still people who do not know how to read or write. While illiteracy was a phenomenon we can read about in our history books, reading and writing are considered some the most important tools to learn during childhood development. According to Wendy Williams, R. Kelly may not even know about all the negative press coverage he has been receiving these days with his alleged “sex cult.” While the media has been heavily covering any updates in the developing story, R. Kelly allegedly once revealed to the television host that he cannot read, write or add numbers.

Almost ten years ago, R. Kelly revealed that he had an issue with reading, noting that he had only graduated elementary school because his basketball skills. According to Wendy Williams, the singer still suffers from illiteracy and she also has additionally major secrets about him that she pledges to take to the grave with her. When discussing R. Kelly’s current scandal, Wendy broke down in tears at the mere thought that he could not read or write. While the news is certainly surprising, the host claims she has many more stories about him that she was shocked he even told her. 

Whatever R. Kelly said to her has to be pretty bad because if it’s anything more surprising than the rumors that are already out, we’re not sure we even want to hear it. Watch the video below where Wendy makes the claims at the 14:24 mark.