Queer Necessities: King Princess, Perfume Genius & More on HipHopMagz Pride’s November 2019 Playlist


As we exit the spooky season and head towards winter, it's time to get into some new music. We're proud to present the latest edition of Queer Necessities, our monthly LGBTQ-driven playlist from Billboard Pride where we catch you up on the latest and greatest bops by queer musicians and fierce allies.

Each month's selections will be curated by NYC-based DJ and tastemaker Jon ALi, who is the founder of pop music entertainment destination Jon ALi's Blog. Don't forget to follow Queer Necessities on Spotify to keep up-to-date on the best musical offerings from the LGBTQ community.

FHAT, “Packin’”

Rising duo FHAT's newest dance track “Packin'” comes with plenty of playful innuendo and a stamp of approval from RuPaul, who called it “BRILLANT.”

Sam Sparro, “Everything”

Sam Sparro’s comeback is here in full force with the joyous, nostalgia-inducing “Everything,” and a Feb. 21, 2020 date officially set for his long-awaited third album, Boombox Eternal.

King Princess, “Hit the Back”

King Princess has never been shy to express her point of view as a queer woman, but on her Cheap Queen album standout “Hit the Back,” she invites us to the bedroom. She described this jam on Twitter as "the anthem for bottoms everywhere." Enough said.

Tom Aspaul, “Traces”

London singer Tom Aspaul is taking us back in time with his most '80s-inspired song to date, from nostalgic synth swirls to the blast of a chant-ready chorus. It’s liberating and earnest and optimistic sounding, even in the face of romantic ruin.

Bronze Avery, “Faking”

L.A. up-and-comer Bronze Avery drowns out the noise on his latest dreamy, synth-driven, dance-pop escape “Faking,” a song he says is “about the confusion and noise of people throwing all of their opinions on a relationship they don’t know anything about.”

L Devine, “Peachy Keen”

L Devine finds comfort in her love amidst life's many struggles in this deliciously sweet electro-pop banger, where she makes the inspired choice to sample Kim Carnes' massive hit, “Bette Davis Eyes.”

Elliot Jones, “I’m In Love”

On his latest pop escape, Elliot Jones is falling deep in lust over an array of dreamy pop atmospherics. It’s as y as it is soothing —he sure knows how to love, without question.

Carlos Vara, “Have You Ever Seen a Boy Break Down?”

Carlos Vara shines with all his might on every single track included on his debut EP, Have You Ever Seen a Boy Break Down — and its title track, the main attraction, is certainly no exception. The thrilling pop confessional gives you a deeper look into his chaotic, yet relatable, psyche.

ALMA & Tove Lo, “Worst Behaviour”

Following “Bad as the Boys,” ALMA and Tove Lo team up again to make some pop magic. This time, they’re fed up and making no apologies for their actions on “Worst Behaviour.”

Gregory Dillon, “Vacuum”

Brooklyn-based singer Gregory Dillon takes us on a sonic synth-pop escape to the darkest inner workings of his mind as he puts his -fueled, post-breakup coping mechanisms on full display.

Vardaan Arora, “Famous”

Vardaan Arora’s new bop “Famous,” co-written with “Truth Hurts” hit-maker Jesse Saint John, sees him delivering some commentary on our celebrity-obsessed social media habits in the most tasteful and playful of ways.

Sam Smith, “I Feel Love”

Sam Smith has re-teamed with longtime collboaters, Disclosure’s Guy Lawrence, on this modern reimagining of Donna Summer’s 1977 classic. The pairing is, as per usual, a no-brainer.

CHAV feat. Brett Castro, “Patient Zero”

Soon-to-be-star Chav, who co-founded the queer & progressive pop label Flat Pop Records earlier this year, continues to impress with his latest declaration, “Patient Zero,” a genre-bending reclaiming of the phrase once used to dehumanize queer people during the AIDS epidemic.

BabyAngel69, “Candy”

The pop newcomer brings Mandy Moore’s 1999 debut single into 2019 with futuristic, club-ready production and a sensual, full-bodied vocal performance.

Perfume Genius, “Pop Song”

Perfume Genius, aka Mike Hadreas, has joined forces with choreographer/dancer Kate Wallich and the dance company The YC to create the live project The Sun Still Burns Here. “Pop Song,” the latest taste from the project, finds him exploring new territory in an array of musical arrangements that are spare yet memorable and, as always, emotionally moving.

Leon Else, “Couldn’t Do It”

Leon Else closes out a chapter of his life on his latest island-tinged pop escape “Couldn’t Do It,” which finds him coming to terms with the mixed feelings you go through post-breakup with some much-needed dancefloor thearpy.

Willie Gomez, “Mojados”

Willie Gomez, who is best known for serving as the principal dancer in Britney Spears’ Piece of Me Vegas residency, is bringing the Latin heat with his impressive debut.

NEO 10Y, “Stan Yourself”

The latest from non-binary singer NEO 10Y stays true to its title's promise with its fierce, sensual burst of self-empowerment that is equally as playful as it is genuinely encouraging all at once.

Kimmi Moore, “One Night”

NYC-based drag queen Kimmi Moore showcases that they got more than one trick up their sleeve with the ed-up, dance-pop thriller “One Night,” bringing Britney to mind in the process.

GodIsMikey, “If I Write This Spell for You”

Rapper GodIsMikey’s new Ritual EP is an impressive display of his many skills – and the opener “If I Write This Spell for You” certainly gets the party started correctly with his slick delivery and spellbinding production.

Teyana Taylor & Kehlani, “Morning”

Teyana Taylor and Kehlani are here to turn up the temperature on their -drenched slow jam “Morning," which is now an immediate must for any bedroom playlist.

Frank Ocean, “DHL”

Frank Ocean’s first new music of 2019 is “DHL,” which is named after the international courier service and finds him navigating his way through a psychedelic adventure across a trippy hip-hop production.

Ryan Ashley, “Familiar”

Just a few months after dropping his debut EP Innocent, Ryan Ashley returns with some Latin flair on “Familiar,” a track that finds him trying to get over a lingering breakup.

Donna Missal, “You Burned Me”

Vocal powerhouse Donna Missal is back with the soulful “You Burned Me,” a gloriously liberating breakup anthem that sees her finding peace in spiritual heights.

Mike Taveira, “Heart”

Mike Taveira makes an impressive kick off with this heartfelt and emotive, heartbreak confessional. 

Cub Sport, “I Never Cried So Much In My Whole Life (feat. Darren Hayes)”

Indie darlings Cub Sport are following up their self-titled album with “I Never Cried So Much In My Whole Life,” featuring Darren Hayes, a beautiful and intimate guitar-laced celebration of finally accepting oneself and living in your absolute truth.

Caveboy, “Silk for Gold”

Montreal trio Caveboy breaks free of their self-doubt and frustration in the most liberating of ways on the ‘80s-infused “Silk for Gold,” the lead single from their upcoming debut album, Night In The Park, Kiss In The Dark.

Mathew V, “Stay By You”

Canadian pop talent Mathew V makes puts his urgent, earnest declaration of love on full display in his latest, “Stay By You.”

Foxgluvv, “Fashion Hurts”

I Never Felt Hollywood EP standout “Fashion Hurts” sees Foxgluvv continuing to fuse different musical eras while encouraging you to express yourself in the most heavenly of ways.

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Jon ALi is a NYC-based DJ and founder of pop music entertainment destination Jon ALi’s Blog, which celebrates its 13-year anniversary this year. He spends his weekends spinning tunes at gay spots in Manhattan.