Queer Necessities: HipHopMagz Pride’s June 2019 Playlist


Happy Pride Month, everyone! Before we dive deeper into the annual festivities we're proud to present the latest edition of Queer Necessities, our monthly LGBTQ-driven playlist from Billboard Pride where we catch you up on the latest and greatest bops by queer musicians and fierce allies.

Each month's selections will be curated by NYC-based DJ and tastemaker Jon ALi, who is the founder of pop music entertainment destination Jon ALi's Blog. Don't forget to follow Queer Necessities on Spotify to keep up-to-date on the best musical offerings from the LGBTQ community.

Kyan Palmer & Nicopop, “What U Like (Johnny Mac)”

The collaboration between sultry R&B crooner Kyan Palmer and maestro of production Nicopop continues to be one of the more consistent forces in pop right now, and their latest bop “What U Like” is certainly no exception. Is there no end to this? We certainly hope not.

Mika, “Ice Cream”

Mika returned last week to provide us with a perfect summer kick-off, with the daring, liberating and undeniably joyous “Ice Cream." It's the first single off the singer’s upcoming fifth album, My Name Is Michael Holbrook.

L Devine & INDIIA, “Naked Alone”

Rising British talent L Devine is way more aggressive in her come-on game this time around with her sizzling summer-ready escape, “Naked Alone.” It’s unabashed pop that just feels good — with or without company.

Maggie Lindemann, “Friends Go”

“Friends Go,” the latest from rising singer Maggie Lindemann, takes on a mixed ball of genres that work together effortlessly while she navigates the loss of her lover and her friends.

Tom Aspaul, “Back 2 Earth”

U.K.-born singer-songwriter Tom Aspaul sweetly assures you that he’ll be there for you/himself on his thrilling self-care anthem, “Back 2 Earth.”

Will Young, “My Love”

Longtime British stape Will Young reflects on heartbreak on his latest single “My Love,” a song that is all sorts of catchy, modern disco-pop goodness.

BAUM, “Fuckboy”

Singer-songwriter BAUM kicks off her 2019 on a high note — quite literally, as she belts out her feelings and switches up the traditional breakup anthem narrative on this superb power ballad.

Noah Davis, “Hooked.”

American Idol may have passed on him, but Noah Davis is certainly here to stay in our eyes with his sleek and impressive mid-tempo track “Hooked.” — and the title speaks for itself.

Michael Medrano, “No More Tequila”

Indie-pop artist Michael Medrano serves up a hot summer shot with this irresistible pop gem “No More Tequila,” his most satisfying and upbeat offering yet.

Kim Petras, “Do Me”

There’s just no stopping the pop force that is Kim Petras. She continues her consistent string of impressive releases with the hookup anthem of the summer, “‘Do Me." 

Elliot Jones, “Emotions”

Los Angeles-based newcomer Elliot Jones’ restart is an impressive pop confessional that perfect for a laid-back summer day. We’re keeping our eyes on him for sure.

Dizzy Fae, “Altar”

Minnesota-based star Dizzy Fae makes no apologies about her direct needs on this soul-infused, late-night dance escape.

Todrick Hall, “Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels”

Triple-threat Todrick Hall is giving the RuPaul girls a run for their money with his latest vogue-ready slice. It has comedy, camp and catchphrases galore.

Andrea Di Giovanni, “Bye Baby”

Permission, the brand new EP from Pride's Got Talent finalist and vocal LGBTQ+ advocate Andrea Di Giovanni is packed with genre-bending pop thrillers — but the intoxicating “Bye Baby” is the all-too-relatable fuckboy anthem we’ve all been missing.

Motteo, “Bushwick Boys”

Brooklyn-based talent Motteo brings the club-ready heat, Bushwick-style obviously, with his latest dance filler.

EJ, “Why U Mad”

The L.A.-based rapper makes an impressive launch with his fuck-the-haters debut “Why U Mad,” packed with an array of hooks, jabs and slick rhymes.

Oh Boy, “Slid333 (feat. Cult Shotta)”

This up-and-coming talent has been delivering some low-key solid solo tunage for a minute, and this playful, pumped-up rhythmic gem from his debut Brentwood Heights, is further evidence that he stays serving us nothing less than top quality.

Davy Boi, “Foundation”

Davy Boi finds a brand new perspective on his latest mid-tempo track “Foundation,” focused around personal growth and owning your confidence. Self-love done right!

Ryan Ashley, “INNOCENT (feat. Kate Stewart)”

North London R&B singer-songwriter Ryan Ashley’s team up with Kate Stewart is an impressive vocal showcase of soul and delicious nostalgia all at once.

Saint Torrente, “Gasolina”

London-based talent Saint Torrente navigates unrequited love on this enticing homage to early 2000’s pop and reggaeton.

SXMSON, “Fool’s Paradise”

Indie singer SXMSON croons to his lover in the most enticing of ways over an '80s-influenced groove, and the results are irresistible.

Solomon Ray & Mancandy, “Llama A Tu Novio”

Solomon Ray is back and bringing forward the much-needed Latin heat this summer on his latest team-up with Mancandy.

Sammy Plotkin, “Cheap Lullaby”

Singer-songwriter Sammy Plotkin embraces his far-from-perfect dating life on this ironically dreamy and sensual pop ode.

Guard, “I’m Calling the Cops”

Guard has been doing his thing quite well for a few years now, and he only continues show growth with "I'm Calling the Cops". On this intricately produced piece of introspective pop, he narrates the desolation and gloom of heartbreak in the most intriguing of ways.

Adam Lambert, “New  Eyes”

American Idol favorite and Queen frontman Adam Lambert switches things up and takes on a retro '70s vibe with this intoxicating romantic spell, “New Eyes.”

King Princess, “Cheap Queen”

King Princess is magnifying her perspective on her latest pop gem “Cheap Queen," alternating between calling herself a "cheap queen" and a "real queen” over layers of snappy electronic beats and subdued synths.

Sufjan Stevens, “Love Yourself”

Sufjan Stevens kicked off Pride Month with the release of two new songs. We’re highlighting the ethereal "Love Yourself," which is based on a sketch Stevens originally wrote and recorded in 1996. "Love, can you love yourself," Stevens sings in the dreamy chorus. A mantra to keep!

Mathew V, “Flashback”

Mathew V bares it all like never before on his beautifully tragic and powerful new single “Flashback,” which sees him sharing his experience as a survivor of sexual violence.

Drumaq, “Insecurities”

From the jump LA newcomer Drumaq makes it clear that he has something unique to offer — emotive vocals that float yet land with a stark heaviness, and production that’s minimal yet effective. Sometimes the beauty lies in the simplicity, and that’s exactly what’s happening here.

Nimmo, “The Power”

London duo Nimmo fight through the madness and take back their control with their new single “The Power,” their first indie release. Arresting from the very first lines.

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