‘Queer Eye’ Fab Five Say They Taught Harry Styles About Grindr


The Queer Eye cast traveled to Japan recently to film special mini-series of their hit Netflix show and while there, they ran into none other than Harry Styles.

When the Fab Five sat down with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, they revealed that they taught the former One Direction crooner a whole new type of dating. "One of the people that was with Bobby [Berk] and I there showed him Grindr," Karamo Brown explained. "He had never seen Grindr before, it was his first time. It was kind of cute that the straight guy was like, ‘There’s an app where you can just find a date?’”

"A date?" Tan France responded, laughing, putting "date" in air quotes because we all know that's not what it's really used for. Berk continues the joke by reminding Brown that the app is just for friends, and the latter claims he's never been on the app. 

As for just hanging with Styles, Berk had nothing but nice things to say. "Harry was absolutely lovely, super sweet guy, super chill," he said. "I mean who else could you ask for as a karaoke partner?"

Watch it all go down below.