'Queer Eye' Cast Talks Sexual Awakenings, 'Drag Race,' Madonna & More


On Wednesday (June 27), the cast Queer Eye sat down to dinner with Vulture to dish about anything and everything, following the premiere the show’s second season now available on Netflix.

A chosen family through and through, these makeover experts—Bobby Berk (design), Jonathan Van Ness (grooming), Karamo Brown (culture), Antoni Porowski (food) and Tan France (fashion)—bicker relentlessly with each other spliced between moments vulnerability and tenderness.

In the interview, the Fab Five quickly jockey between developing crushes on each other to navigating current political discourse, breaking down discrimination within the gay community along with who they think should win this season Drag Race, even talking about the first moments they realized they were gay.

Here’s five fab things we learned from the interview:

Jonathan Van Ness was caught humping a pillow to a Madonna music video

Sharing the different moments from childhood when they each realized they were gay, Berk mentioned his mother’s bodybuilder magazines while France said his sister’s collection Bruce Weber photographs tipped him f.

Van Ness shared his experience watching Madonna’s “Take A Bow” music video claiming, “I will never forget: my babysitter walked in on me humping the shit out these couch cushions to that music video. Her name was Nora and she said, ‘What are you doing?’ and I was like, ‘Nothing!’ I was seven, I didn’t know anything yet. I was just like “‘Ooh, when I hump a pillow on the ground it feels gorgeous!’”

Bobby Berk thinks Aquaria may be too young to win the Drag Race crown

Asked who they think should win the tenth season RuPaul’s Drag Race, Van Ness shared that he was in between Aquaria and Eureka. However, Berk’s set on seeing Eureka take the crown, saying that Aquaria’s “too young” to have the title.

Karamo Brown aims to raise his sons to have healthy sex lives after having a horrible first time

Opening up about how “aggressive” his first sexual experience with another guy was, Brown vows to raise his children differently, worried that they may fall victim to media that correlates sex with violence.

Unafraid discussing his personal life, he says, “I happen to have this conversation with my two sons ten because I get nervous about the porn they watch,” Brown said. “It’s very aggressive towards women.”

Tan France worried about how to approach unfamiliarity with transness on the show

During the makeover Skyler, a trans man, in episode five the new season, France treated his own inexperience with trans people with humility rather than avoidance, something he says producers and the Fab Five had a lot chats before filming.

“I really pushed to say, yes, I’m nervous that people are going to chastise me in that community for not knowing beforehand,” France said. “However, I love that I was in a privileged enough position to be able to ask the questions that a lot people really want to ask around the world, not just America.”

Antoni Porowski wants to makeover the Colorado baker who refused to bake a cake for a gay couple

“I want to know what that’s about,” Porowski said. “I want to know about who your parents were, how you were raised. I want to know, if this person were vetted, if there’s a willingness. Then I want to know about where that willingness is coming from.”

Though, growing up in a small town, Van Ness doesn’t see purpose in legitimizing someone who has “stoked an intense case against marriage equality,” sharing “You have to be very careful. Especially given the opportunity the five us have been given.”

“But the thing I love about us is that we can have this conversation,” he adds. “You will hold my hand, we will cuddle up—not with our tops f, don’t be awkward.”

Read the full interview here.

'Queer Eye' Cast Talks Sexual Awakenings, 'Drag Race,' Madonna & More