Quavo Almost Off The Hook In The Alleged Jewelry Assault Case


It looks like Quavo is catching a break from his alleged assault from Grammy night, when he apparently beat down a famed jeweler and robbed him his $30,000 chain outside a club in NYC. The last we heard was that NYPD were allegedly ready to arrest Quavo for his involvement in the altercation, but it turns out that may longer be the case anymore. According to TMZ, the investigation into whether Quavo attacked Eric the Jeweler after the Grammys has been put on hold because the alleged victim has stopped cooperating with police.

Over the weekend, it was reported that Quavo & Eric had actually squashed their beef, and Quavo apparently paid whatever money he owed. So maybe following this resolution, Eric has stopped working with police, and that’s the reason for the investigation stall? Who knows, but it’s a good thing for the Migos rapper that’s for sure.

Eric initially told NYPD that Quavo and another man jumped him at a Grammys after-party when Eric started talking about an alleged $10k debt Quavo owed him for some jewelry he’d provided. After being jumped, he said his chain went missing afterwards, and that’s when the police then got involved, but thankfully this all looks to be behind the two now.

We’ll continue to keep you posted moving forward. In the meantime, check out Quavo’s latest performance on SNL from this weekend along with the Migos right here.