Pusha T to Remix HBO’s ‘Succession’ Theme Song: Hear a Snippet


HBO has tapped Pusha T to remix the Succession theme song. After hearing parallels between himself and main character Logan Roy from his manager, King Push binge-watched the entire first season and became a superfan of the show.

The Virginia native teased the remix featuring composer Nick Britell, which will be released on Friday ahead of season 2's finale. 

"The greed, the resentment, the idea anybody is basically disposable -- that’s a gangsta movie type of quality. On Succession, it’s involving family, it’s like, Whoa! It’s a bit more shocking," Push told Vulture. "And so that’s what made the writing process fun, because I could use all of the street, gangster rap nuances and qualities and energy and incorporate it into the theme of the music. It was really just a dope exercise, honestly."

Even without seeing season 2 yet, HBO would have Pusha rework some of his verses because they felt he was giving away too much when it came to the show's plot lines. "I was like, ‘How, I didn’t even see it?'" he proclaimed. "So I tweaked some things because the lines were a bit too detailed. I think [Nick] didn’t want to ask me to redo anything. Ordinarily, I probably wouldn’t have. But, I mean, the show is dope."

Listen to a snippet of the eerie remix below.