Pusha T Tells Joe Budden Why He Took No Mercy On "Maybach Music VI"


In the wake of the once-destined Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and Pusha T collaboration “Maybach Music VI, King Push ultimately found his verse left on the cutting room floor. It didn’t take long for the verse to surface, and many immediately realized that Pusha was firing on all cylinders. Some even believed that Push was taking a few shots at his favorite foe. And yet, his verse failed to make the album Joe Budden, ever the detective, needed to get some answers. Wasting little time, he went straight to the source. 

“Sup buddy!” greets Pusha, a warm welcome to his pal Joe. After exchanging some cordial greetings and a few laughs, Pusha sets the scene. “I’m feeling good, I’m actually at my wife’s birthday party now, and I came outside cause I saw you called me.” Joe Budden appears to be incredulous throughout the whole exchange. “For this n***a to be the murderer that he is, he always doing some shit with his wife like Chance!” 

Pusha T Tells Joe Budden Why He Took No Mercy On "Maybach Music VI"

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

Getting back to business, Budden inquires why Pusha had to go so hard during his now-infamous “Maybach Music VI” verse, which ultimately surfaced after Port Of Miami 2 released. “Why are you doing this to features?” asks Joe. “Listen man,” replies Pusha. “That’s what we in there for man. We here to rap, bro. That’s what I’m here for.” For whatever reason, Joe feels as if King Push committed a grievous sin. “We already know that you can rap,” he counters, the conversation inherently a testament to Pusha’s lyrical prowess.

“We all have to do what we do best,” continues Push. “I have to do what I do best, the next guy has to do what he does best. Come on. There’s lanes for everybody.” Budden offers up an interesting theory. “When you do what you do best, you’re not allowed on the album no more,” he says. Pusha considers for a moment. “That’s part of the game,” he concludes. “At this stage in my career..hey man…HEY! HEY!!!” Read into that what you will.