Pusha T Talks Reuniting The Clipse With No Malice For "Jesus Is King"


Kanye Westreturned with his new project, Jesus Is King earlier today. The album was released nearly a month after its initial release date but truly, the wait was worth it. As the title suggests, it’s a Christian album and Kanye doesn’t use any profanity on the project. Instead, he brings religious imagery into the fold as he services God’s message to the masses or however he describes it.

“Use This Gospel” is one of the most anticipated song’s on the project. With a solo from Kenny G and the long-awaited of Pusha T and No Malice as the Clipse, Kanye West, once again, brought together two unsuspecting forces together for one of the best songs on the project. Now, the fact that Clipse and Kenny G share song credits on the same song might be baffling on paper but what has truly sparked conversation is the fact that the Clipse finally reunited, something Push didn’t think he’d ever see happen. “Awwww man,” he told Vulture. “I’m the younger brother, man. I mean, I’m happier than — I can’t even express it!”

“I’m laying down verses, and he’s like, ‘Ah, that probably could be better. You could say that better.’ And I’m like, ‘You’re right.’ Or, ‘It sounds cooler this way or that way. It’s too many words in that line!’” Push said. “Just having that scrutiny [is important]. It’s scrutiny that he doesn’t hesitate with, because he’s my older brother.” 

Stream Jesus Is King here.