Pusha T Claims Rap Immortality: ‘I Can Do This Forever’


Dating back to the Clipse days running around with his brother, Pusha T has been a relevant figure in Hip Hop for more than two decades. On the heels of earning his first No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 with It’s Almost Dry, King Push covered the latest issue of NME on Friday (May 20).

In the feature story, the 45-year-old examined his immortality in Hip Hop and explained how a lot of rap dignitaries weren’t fortunate enough to earn a run as long as his.

“A lot of our forefathers, the greats, they didn’t stand the test of time,” Pusha said. “As great as they were, I don’t know how much they are [still] appreciated. [I want] to show that rap doesn’t have to age out. When people look at me, they need to understand that I can do this forever.”

Pusha T faced the pressure of following up what a lot of people deemed to be the best work of his career with the compact DAYTONA, which was nominated for Best Rap Album at the 2019 Grammy Awards.

“It’s all about creating the best product you can create,” Pusha detailed of It’s Almost Dry. “That’s just the standard. I want people to look at this street rap narration that I’m painting and understand that this is all I want to make.

“Don’t ask me for anything else. I’m not entertaining you. I’ve been a realist. I’ve shown you everything. I’ve won the wars. I went through label dramas. I withstood everything. Now is the best time for me to be more creative and fully uplift the genre.”

As for what’s ahead, Push is taking his self-proclaimed rap album of the year on the road for the It’s Almost Dry Tour kicking off in Seattle on May 29.


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