Publisher’s Quarterly: UMPG, Sony/ATV Post Strong Results as Lil Nas X and Jonas Brothers Dominate


Sony/ATV Music Publishing was the No. 1 music publisher of the top 100 radio songs for the seventh quarter in a row, improving its market share to 24.07% in the year's second quarter from 22.52% in the first, with a share of 52 of those 100 tracks, down from 58 last quarter.

But in Billboard's second-ever rankings based on Hot 100 songs, rather than radio songs, Universal Music Publishing Group snatched the top spot for the quarter ending June 27, surging over 6 percentage points to a 22.62% market share and a stake in 51 of the quarter's Hot 100 songs, including the top track, Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road" (featuring Billy Ray Cyrus).

For the third straight quarter, UMPG ranked No. 2 in market share for the top 100 radio songs as it improved its market share to 18.02% from the first quarter's 17.05% and grabbed a stake in 52 songs, including the No. 1 tune, the Jonas Brothers' "Sucker." On the Hot 100 rankings, Sony/ATV slipped to second place with 50 songs, including the No. 2 track, Post Malone's "Wow."

The top songwriter among the top 100 radio songs was once again Louis Bell, with a co-writing share in seven songs, including three of the top 10: "Sucker," "Wow." and Halsey's "Without Me." Finneas Baird O'Connell claimed top songwriter for the Hot 100 list with five placements, all by his sister, Billie Eilish: "Bad Guy," "When the Party's Over," "Bury a Friend," "Ocean Eyes" and "Wish You Were Gay."

On the top 100 radio songs list, Kobalt ranked third for the second quarter in a row on the strength of its share in 45 songs, including "Old Town Road," while No. 4 Warner Chappell Music had a stake in more songs (51) despite a 14.61% market share, down from last quarter's 16.13%. BMG's market share and stake in songs both dipped slightly, though it held on to fifth place for the seventh straight quarter, while Downtown doubled its market share over last quarter, to 2.92%, and came in sixth. Concord made the rankings for the second consecutive quarter. Several companies that didn't make the top 10 in the first quarter returned to it: Reservoir, Big Machine Music and Big Deal. 

On the Hot 100, Kobalt moved up to No. 3, as its market share surged to 17.79% from 13.02% last quarter, and Warner Chappell fell to fourth, down from 14.78%. BMG held at No. 5 while Downtown rocketed from No. 10 to No. 6. Reservoir and Streamcut Media stayed at Nos. 8 and 9, respectively, while Big Machine debuted at No. 10.

This article originally appeared in the Aug. 10 issue of Billboard.