Projected NBA Lottery Pick Ja Morant To Undergo Knee Surgery: Report


It’s been reported at length, the Memphis Grizzlies are eying Ja Morant as the number two pick in the upcoming NBA Draft. Since declaring for the pros, Morant has been advised to repair a “loose body” in his joints by undergoing a minor surgical procedure this upcoming Monday. Thankfully, the procedure doesn’t put the NBA recruit in clear and present danger of rupturing his knee. All to say, “knee replacement” surgery doesn’t appear to be on the horizon.

Projected NBA Lottery Pick Ja Morant To Undergo Knee Surgery: Report

Steve Freeman/NBAE via Getty Images

The Murray State guard is viewed as a lock to go 2nd in the 2019 Draft, right after Duke freshman Zion Williamson. Unlike Zion, Ja Morant decided to sign an endorsement deal with Nike right from the jump, instead of weighing his options at the onset of his NBA career. The difference is: Zion Williamson is being advised to hold out for a “signature sneaker” in negotiations.

ESPN’s sources are saying that Morant’s agent informed the NBA teams picking in the lottery-range of his client’s impending surgery – even New Orleans was kept abreast of the situation in the number one slot. During his breakout campaign in2018-2019, Morant averaged a tremendous 24.5 points while contributing an NCAA-leading 10 assists-per-game. Ja is expected to recover from Monday’s procedure in a little over three to four week’s time.