Producer Benny Blanco Teases New Track Featuring Halsey & Khalid


Producer Benny Blanco recently announced that he's gearing up to release music under his own name, and on Tuesday, he teased his debut song on social media. The potential anthem features vocals from Khalid and Halsey and is even co-written by Ed Sheeran's lethal pen, according to

“I have decided to release some songs as Benny Blanco. Don't worry I won't be singing on them with my shitty nasally Jewish voice. I got all my friends to sing em. Hope u like them,” the hitmaker captioned the teaser on Instagram. Blanco suggests his first tune is titled “Eastside” and is expected to be released on Friday. 

Halsey can be heard singing about the pains growing into adulthood throughout the snippet. “Seventeen and we got a dream to have a family/ A house and everything in between/ And then, oh, suddenly we turn 23/ Now we got pressure for taking our life more seriously/ We got our dead-end jobs and got bills to pay/ Have our friends and our enemies,” she croons over the uptempo production. 

Check out snippets the unreleased song below.