Priyanka Chopra Talks Marriage, Double-Dates With Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth On ‘WWHL’


Priyanka Chopra appeared on Thursday night’s (March 22) episode of Watch What Happens Live to talk about some of her most recent projects and dish on her marriage, including whether she would consider going on a double-date with husband Nick Jonas, co-star Liam Hemswoth and his wife Miley Cyrus.

Wearing a polka dotted mesh top, Chopra answered a question from a fan during the WWHL “After Show” segment. The fan asked that since her and Hemsworth appeared on the recent romantic comedy film, Isn’t it Romantic, if she’d be up for a double date with their respective spouses and former Disney stars.

“We actually talked about that, doing a double date at some point,” she said.

The fan also asked what her relationship with the pop star is like, to which she answered, “I’ve met Miley just a couple of times, but she’s amazing. She’s shown so much support to Liam and the movie while we were doing promo and Liam was unwell. I’m a fan because I think her music is amazing and you can’t deny that.”

She added, “I hope that’ll happen. I love Liam, he’s a great guy, so I’m sure it’ll be a fun group to go out with.”

Host Andy Cohen also talked about how smoothly she curved his questions on whether her and Jonas shared any “flirtatious vibes” when they attended the Met Gala in 2017.

Chopra laughed and said “it was true then,” before a clip of the moment was shown. The snippet also captures her smiling and looking away when Cohen asked if the two would “possible date” in the future.

“You were the first one that got me really uncomfortable about it because usually I get away with it,” she said.

Watch the clips with Chopra on WWHL below.