PRETTYMUCH Talk Funny Tour Moments, Love of Juice WRLD & More at the 2018 MTV VMAs: Watch


PRETTYMUCH caught up with Billboard’s Chelsea Briggs on Monday at the 2018 MTV VMAs, talking about their Ed Sheeran-penned track, funny tour memories and more.

Speaking their song “Summer on You,” which was written by Ed Sheeran, the group reveal that they never actually got to meet Sheeran, but they worked closely with Steve Mac on it.

“My favorite thing about it is Steve really pushed us,” Brandon Arreaga tells Billboard. “He was like, ‘You guys are all going in, you’ve got six takes, and we’re doing it in six takes,’ so we just pulled out our best in the six takes we had, and then we did a few more if we needed it, and then we did ad libs, and we were done.”

Moving on to the subject touring, since the band are set to embark on their Funktion Tour this fall, the guys also recall some funny tour memories, with Zion Kuwonu sharing a story about nearly missing the bus during their tour with Jack & Jack.

“I missed our bus, and then I almost missed Jack & Jack’s too, but I made it,” he says. “I cut f the bus with my Uber.”

The group also reveal their go-to pump up jams, with Austin Porter naming “Sundown” by Jack Harlow and Nick Mara noting that he has recently been into “No Vaseline” by Ice Cube, while Edwin Honoret and his bandmate Kuwonu share that they’ve been listening to a lot Juice WRLD. Arreaga, meanwhile, opts for Chance the Rapper's “I Might Need Security.”

You can watch the full video interview with PRETTYMUCH above.

PRETTYMUCH Talk Funny Tour Moments, Love  Juice WRLD & More at the 2018 MTV VMAs: Watch