Pressa Says Coi Leray Fling Got Him Hot In America But Claims ‘Legendary’ Status In Canada


New York, NY – Pressa is making it known that his status was verified and valid long before his relationship with Coi Leray.

Though it appears the couple may have called it quits, as Coi Leray shared a pair of cryptic tweets on October 26, writing “Single,” and sharing a message which read, “If your nigga let’s you go to sleep mad every night, you need a new nigga.”

During his recent interview with The Breakfast Club in promotion of his Garner Express (Deluxe) album, Pressa cleared the air surrounding rumors that he earned precious clout tokens because dating his former girlfriend, Coi Leray helped him gain buzz as an artist.

“Nah, y’all know me for that. America probably knows me for that,” Pressa replied to Envy’s inquiry about fans knowing him to be the “Twinem” lyricist boyfriend. “So, America, that’s probably what y’all know me as right now, but where I’m from I am a legend. Like Canada, even Europe, I am a super legend man.”

While his influence is still in its infancy here in America, Pressa was not exaggerating when he spoke of his reach and popularity in Canada.

The 25-year-old Toronto-bred rapper has been co-signed by Canadian musical monoliths such as The Weeknd and was tapped by the 6 God himself in 2017 when Drake went on his Boy Meets World Tour.

Pressa actually made headlines during the Boy Meets World Tour due to facing charges of kidnapping for ransom and assault with a weapon in connection with his alleged involvement in a kidnapping and shootout at a condo in the city nearly a year ago.

A news exclusive from the Toronto Sun also alleges police believed Pressa, who was 20-years-old at the time, was a leader in a local gang called Young Buck Killas.

Regardless of Pressa’s infamous history in Toronto, it goes without saying that his relationship with “No More Parties” rapper Coi Leray has garnered him some attention in Western music markets.

After releasing their “Attachments” collaboration back in May, the song quickly became Pressa’s biggest global hit by earning more than 44 million global streams — in addition to the six million-plus views on the official video on YouTube.

To help him celebrate the deluxe release, Pressa has tapped his former bae Coi Leray in addition to Rowdy Rebel and Swae Lee.

Stream Pressa’s Gardener Express (Deluxe) below.