President Donald Trump Comments On Raptors White House Plans


Since winning the NBA Championship last week, the Toronto Raptors have been doing a whole lot of celebrating and are already making plans for the rest of the Summer. Head coach Nick Nurse told reporters that the team will be visiting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the parliament building although there are no plans to visit the White House at the moment. Considering the team is based in Canada, it isn’t surprising that they wouldn’t meet American politicians, although the option isn’t exactly off the table.

Prime Minister Trudeau was in D.C. to talk to President Trump who was asked about the Raptors and whether or not they’re invited to visit. As he explained, it could certainly happen but will hinge on whether or not the Raptors express interest in doing so. 

“They played phenomenal basketball; I watched a little bit of it,” Trump said. “They were really terrific. … If they’d like to do it, we’ll think about that.”

It’s doubtful that President Trump did, in fact, watch a single second of the NBA Finals although you have to hand it to him for trying to convince us otherwise. The Golden State Warriors have dubbed him on a couple of occasions so even if he did watch the Finals, he wouldn’t have much of a rooting interest.