Virginia-based Hip-Hop artist Bless Picasso releases his latest album called, Al-Mansur today on His new album follows his previous album releases, Gomer Oz Dabar and Say It With Bullets which all had a highly concentrated stream rate on Spotify and SoundCloud. Offering a seemingly perfect blend of Hip-Hop and 80s-90s tunes, the tracks on Al-Mansur, proves that Bless is on the steady rise in the Hip-Hop scene. The beats have a dope and fiery feel, that allows listeners to relate to the groovy tracks.

Since facing a near-death experience in 2004, the rapper battled a severe case of  Crohn’s disease. Miraculously, Bless was able to receive four blood transfusions and never lost his passion for creativity. After his mother and grandmother both passed away in 2008, the committed rapper was determined that the world will hear his music. Bless Picasso aka “Peko” aka “Don Gafari’s” newest album release symbolizes a tribute to life. In Al-Mansur, Bless creates the style, sound, vision, and ear for his firey music. The lyrics in “Roscato Dreams,” is an example of his exquisite pen game that separates him from the rest. The songs on his album are relatable and allow listeners to connect to his feelings and experiences.

The 5 tracked collection, produced by Scary Hour, exposes Bless as a skillful rapper with a sharp flow who delivers the highest quality of production. Each song on the one-man setlist tells it’s own unique story of how the rapper was able to conquer many tragic events in his life. Bless Picasso is now ready to take the world by storm and Al- Mansur will certainly help cement the rise of this talented Hip-Hop artist.  Check out Al-Mansur for yourself and experience the life journey Bless has blessed us all with.