PREMIERE : Karim Tanoé’s Powerful New Track ‘Lonely Challenger’


Ivorian hip-hop artist Karim Tanoé releases “Lonely Challenger– the powerful second track off forthcoming mixtape The Next Step. Karim makes a leap into a promising music career and comes forward as an artist with a clear and pointed vision for his art. Building on last year’s mixtape The First Step, the narrative continues with a transfer of power from the dreamer to the realist. With this transfer comes a new sound and energy, there is an intensity and a more aggressive feel behind this mixtape and specifically behind “Lonely Challenger”. To our pleasure, Karim continues putting emphasis on lyricism and rhyme in this second mixtape, showcasing the two most advanced and compelling components of his artistry.


Make sure to keep an eye and ear on Karim — he will be releasing a track each week until the complete story of The Next Step is told.


Stream the track below and follow Karim on the Instagram if you don’t already!