Premiere: Emerging Rapper Jonni Apollo Shares Deep Track Titled “Afieroméni Stin”


We have the distinct pleasure to announce the release of LA-based rapper Jonni Apollo’s new song titled “Afieroméni Stin,” which means ‘dedicated to’. He has created and imagined this song for his daughter Zara Jeanne, and once again, displays his unique flow and creative powers on this very personal track.

After “Chains From Apollo,” “Afieroméni Stin” is the latest hit track by this emerging rapper, who keeps surprising audiences with each track he releases, thanks to his ever-evolving approach to Hip-Hop and art in general. He strongly defies all rigid and preconceived ideas about the genre, and shares his most personal truth in brutally honest yet perfectly mastered and executed ways. 

Best known for hypnotizing audiences with his fast-speed flow and and bass-heavy tone singing, the Latin-American rapper is a fearless wordsmith who unveils his deepest core, talking about profound stories of depression, uncertainty, loss, and hopelessness. 

He speaks the universal language of music fluently, and that can be felt to its peak on “Afieroméni Stin,” a track that marks his entry into a whole new level of artistry, thanks to his meticulous and detail-oriented approach when crafting this song. 

Recently, Jonni started his own label, CFA Records (Chains from Apollo Records), and the release of “Afieroméni Stin” displays the artist’s limitless hunger and ambition, while he fuels his fire only to turn it into a raging flame, ready to take on the world.