Premiere: Emerging Hip-Hop Artist EnkiiE Unveils New Trap-Hip-Hop Fusion, The Single “Sky” FT TeeWild


Emerging American rapper EnkiiE is releasing a brand new track, the single “Sky,” featuring TeeWild. EnkiiE’s poetic lyricism combined with the infectious melodies he’s come up with for “Sky” vividly displays the urban creator’s imagination, vision, and versatility. His signature style sits at the intersection of Hip-Hop, rap, and trap, all mixed together with a striking brilliance. 

About his style and vision, EnkiiE shares: “I wouldn’t necessarily put my music into a category but, if I had to, I would say it’s a fusion between hip hop and trap. My objective is to make real music that people can connect to emotionally and intellectually. Also, I enjoy inspiring the people around me. Present time 2020, I’ve come to the realization that having a space to be who you are at the core is vital for growth so my music is the vessel to help facilitate that. Enkii Engineering, amongst other amazing individuals, and brands, are striving to provide a community for creatives looking for support. Not just support for promoting brands but also for promoting wellbeing on physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental levels.”

When feeling too heavy, music is his way to become lighter. For EnkiiE, music is a place that he can escape to, and enter a whole different world. 

Often stemming from his own personal experience and emotions, EnkiiE’s music is in tune with the times and powerfully relatable. His passion and creative lyrics have made waves in the industry, and many have already been moved by the artist’s versatility and intuitive songwriting. 

“Sky” is one more proof that EnkiiE is a rapper with a lot to say and share with his rapidly growing audience, so expect much more to come his way in the near future!

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