Premiere: Alex Jay Strikes With Music Video For “L.O.L (Love or Lust)”


The voice behind  “I’m In Love With Your Crazy” and “I Remember” Alex Jay is back with a new music video release “L.O.L (Love or Lust).”

This is his second music video release for the year and the third overall. The music video uncompromisingly brings forth upbeat morphs shimmering through a reckless breakbeat steamroller.

The artistic short film features a splendid vocal performance that touches on a very real inspiration. The graphics will blow you away, as the singer whisks through the scenes with a beautiful woman. The song was written as a reminder to look around and enjoy the moment of love.

Mixing crisp breaks with silky-smooth tunes, the upbeat “L.O.L (Love or Lust)” opens on a dreamy buzz, ushering the viewer into a jungle of sound where it urges dance. With some chill swagger and smokey lyrics, the song cascades into a skittish synth. It is a hymn packed with summery vibes and addictive melodies, that will have the viewer feeling their way through valleys of playfully beats.

Watch the music video below.