Premiere: 3isthemagic Gets Real On Track “Real One” From Latest Album Space Dreams


3isthemagic is back with a deliciously unsettling and artful listening experience titled Space Dreams.

The alluring album is possibly his most extensive statement from the artist yet. Packed with fresh illustrations and awe-inspiring lyrics, the song is set to convey a new style wave to the multifaceted artist.

The song “Real One” from the collection is out via video with ultimately thorough maturation on display, enough to subdue any lyrical shortfalls. It is a swoon-worthy record and one that cements the artist’s stature as a self-rising star. Matched with completely warm and sharp energy, the track is a lush and colorful depiction of his talents.

The music is slick and well-crafted and gasp-inducing, offering a brand new homage to an enthralling artist.

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