Post Malone Says It’s Hard Being A White Rapper


Post Malone Says It's Hard Being A White Rapper

Post Malone has said that he would like to be considered an artist, not a rapper. He also notoriously said not to listen to Hip-Hop if you want to hear emotional lyrics.

In Post's new interview with GQ, writer Bijan Stephen asked the 22-year old about those comments. 

That led to a discussion about music and race, and the"Rockstar" artist talked about how difficult it is for him to be a white rapper, and how he doesn't want to be a "rapper" at all. 

Post was then asked a couple more questions about race, which Stephen said Post answered uncomfortably. 

You can read the interview in its entirety here. 

But before you do, what are your thoughts on Post? Do you have a problem with him not wanting to be a rapper and what he said about race?

Post Malone Says It's Hard Being A White Rapper