Post Malone Honors His Cowboys Fandom With Insane $250K Chain


Post Malone has been a huge fan of the Dallas Cowboys since he was a kid and much of it has to do with the fact that his dad used to work for the team. Post is a bit of a mainstay at all of their games and he is always eager to show people just how much he loves them. Whenever the Cowboys are playing in a big game, Post will engage in bets with various different artists and athletes that don’t always work out in his favor.

Now that the Cowboys are enjoying some success this season, Post has decided to get himself an incredible new chain that immortalizes his fandom. According to TMZ, the chain was made by Angel City Jewelers and cost him a light $250,000.

What’s incredible about this chain is all of the different components that are at play here. For instance, there are 13.5 carats of sapphires. 8.7 carats of diamonds, 9.7 carats of baguettes, and 3,000 stones.

If you’re a Cowboys fan, this would be the ultimate piece to own although it’s not exactly a great investment if you don’t have the funds for such a thing. You might as well just invest in some real estate or something like that. Regardless, this is a beautiful piece that we’re sure Posty is a huge fan of.

He’s already been seen wearing it and if he goes to Cowboys games with that thing, he will be noticed immediately.