Porter Robinson Debuts New Virtual Self Remix of 'Ghost Voices' at EDC Vegas: Watch


If you're a real serious fan Virtual Self — Porter Robinson's new audio-visual homage to dance and internet culture the early 2000s — you are well aware that the alias is comprised two distinct production monikers. Pathselector “produced” the darker, heavier house tunes “a.i.ngel (Become God)” and super-popular fan favorite “Ghost Voices,” while technic-Angel gave birth to the bouncier, happy hardcore jams “EON BREAK,” “Key” and “Particle Arts.”

Robinson developed the Virtual Self story deeper during his recent headlining performance at EDC Las Vegas. Each character got stage time, and technic-Angel personally debuted “her” remix Pathselector's hit “Ghost Voices.”

“Can you feel my tears?” she asked before dropping into the heavy break rendition. The song's familiar melodies are sharpened with knife-edged synths over a relentless beat, but the drop is just as deliciously dark. Thankfully, someone caught the moment on video, which means you can enjoy the stunning light show EDC provided for the moment as well.

Robinson isn't done with the project just yet. In the esoteric words Virtual Self, enter the utopian gate this sonic portal below, or something like that.

Porter Robinson Debuts New Virtual Self Remix  'Ghost Voices' at EDC Vegas: Watch