Porsha Williams Confirms Dennis McKinney Cheated While She Was Pregnant


What was meant to be a time of celebration for Real Housewives of Atlanta stars Porsha Williams and her business mogul fiancé Dennis McKinney was wrought with scandal. The pair welcomed their daughter into the world back in March, complete with a funny gift from none other than Maury Povich, but by June, the couple had broken up.

There were rumors of infidelity floating through the media, however, neither party confirmed or denied the gossip. By September, they were seen together once again, this time turning up in Las Vegas as Dennis groped on Porsha as she grinding on him while wearing a bikini. While it looks as if these two are working things out, when they were filming the now-running season of RHOA, they were on the outs. On the most recent episode of the series, Porsha spoke on her relationship with Dennis, sharing that he did, indeed, cheat on her while she was pregnant.

“Dennis has moved out. It’s been about four or five days,” Porsha said on the show. “We were arguing about something I found in his phone that I found to be inappropriate, and then, that’s when I realized he was unfaithful to me while I was carrying our child. There are a lot of crazy rumors about Dennis in the blogs and I had questions about the situation and I just feel like I haven’t gotten the total truth.”

She also stated that she didn’t want to tell people, not even her mother or her sister, because she didn’t want to deal with their reactions. “I just don’t understand. I keep going to sleep at night thinking I’m going to wake up and it’s not going to be true,” she added. “Like, the only reason I keep answering his phone calls is because I keep thinking that he’s going to say the one thing to make me believe that this isn’t happening. This is my family. I wanted a family and this is what we’ve been working on and then this. Like, what? It’s like it’s gotta be a bad dream or a joke.” The couple is said to be “rebuilding” their relationship and are doing their best to make their family unit whole again.