Pop Smoke Opens Up About NYPD Removing Him From Rolling Loud New York


Rolling Loud set up shop in New York this year but unfortunately, some rappers from NYC weren’t able to hit the stage. New York Police Department sent a letter to Rolling Loud requesting that they remove Casanova, Pop Smoke, Sheff G, 22Gz, and Don Q from the festival. They said that the individuals named “have been affiliated with acts of violence citywide. The New York Police Department believes if these individuals are allowed to perform, there will be a higher risk of violence.” Ultimately, Rolling Loud agreed.

Pop Smoke has finally opened up the matter in a recent interview with Justin Credible at Power 106. The rapper revealed that the police might look at him as a “super bad guy” but he did admit that he’s optimistic about next year. When asked if he’s heard anything about the incident, he swiftly remarks, “I don’t know police.” He continued to explain that he’s down to speak to the New York Police Department about the matter and come to some sort of solution about it. Of course, artists make their money off of shows so this instance is ultimately hurting his pockets.

“We come from places where it’s like, it ain’t the sweetest,” he said. “When you stop us from doing shows like that, you hurt us, you know what I’m sayin’? Like, you trying to keep us there.”

Peep the interview there.