Pop Smoke On 6ix9ine: "Son Was Doing His Thing Besides The Snitching Sh*t"


Regardless of how you feel about 6ix9ine, there’s no denying that he had one of the most interesting rises in the rap game. He used social media to catapult his popularity which in turn translated into Billboard-charting hits. However, the lines between the streets and the internet were blurred for Tekashi 6ix9ine which is what resulted in his incarceration and subsequent decision to snitch. Many have distanced themselves from him due to the rumors that he snitched but according to a fellow Brooklyn rapper, that shouldn’t take away from what he accomplished in the game.

Pop Smoke is fresh off of the release of his latest project, Meet The Woo. Ahead of its release, he linked up with Bootleg Kev and DJ Hed where he was asked about his feelings about 6ix9ine. Pop Smoke didn’t have anything negative to say about 6ix9ine but he did say that the rainbow-haired rapper wasn’t a street dude and that was his ultimate downfall.

“To be honest, homie, before homie started snitching and shit, son was doing his thing,” he said. “He was doing his thing. N***as can’t take that away from the homie. I don’t think he was a real street n***a, you feel me? And I feel like that’s where people fucked up by portraying — makin’ him portray that shit. He’s not a street n***a. I think he was trying to portray something he really didn’t understand.”

Pop Smoke continued to explain that mixing the internet with the streets will never have a positive outcome. 6ix9ine tried to be super street while glorifying it on the Internet and the outcome of his situation speaks for itself.

Peep Pop Smoke’s interview below.