Pop Shop Podcast: Tove Styrke Talks Touring With Katy Perry & Lorde, Mixing 'Love Stories' With 'Anti-Romantic' Songs on 'Sway'


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On the latest episode, we're joined by Tove Styrke! The Swedish singer/songwriter just released her third album, Sway, on Friday, and she's hitting some very big stages to promote the project. Last month, she wrapped up an opening stint on Lorde's Melodrama Tour, and starting May 29, she'll be traveling through Europe with Katy Perry on the Witness World Tour.

The Lorde tour marked the first time Styrke had ever played arenas, and she talked about the pros and cons the bigger space — “Like if something is not working onstage, the person that needs to fix it, they need to run a distance to come there and fix it,” she notes — but mostly, she's relishing the chance to connect with (tens thousands ) new fans.

“I was tweeting with some girls, and we decided, 'Let's meet up at the merch,' because they really wanted to hang out and say hi,” Styrke recalls an early Melodrama Tour stop. “I love doing that, and I usually do it at my own shows — just go out and hang with them, because my fans are the best. So I went out to the merch stand, and I expected five people, and it was, like, the longest line! It’s so crazy, because that’s both people who have known about me for maybe three or four or even five years and some people who looked me up for this show] and some who just saw the concert and liked it and now they’re fans. I think it’s so cool. I think that’s how being … an opening act is supposed to work, but it almost never works. It feels like it’s a really good fit.”

For the Katy Perry tour dates, Styrke can hardly believe she'll be sharing the stage with such a massive pop star — and that she'll finally be able to perform her full Sway album. “I can’t wait to be there and, like, dance to 'Teenage Dream.' I love that song so much,” she says with a smile. “The main thing is that I’ll be able to do more songs. … By the time I do the Katy tour, the album will be out. So there won’t be any unreleased material then, and that feels pretty exciting.”

We spoke with Styrke back in March, long before Sway was released, and she talked about the album's eclectic sound, starting with the album's title track. “Some songs, like 'Sway,' for instance, they are very, very, very romantic. Like little love stories,” she says. “Some them are almost anti-romantic in a way. They’re more cheeky and fun, like 'Say My Name,' for instance. Or like 'Changed My Mind' is that tipsiness vibe.”

When asked about a song she was most excited for her fans to hear, she singled out “On the Low” — with one caveat. “It’s very hard for me to pick a favorite out these songs. I’ve spent ages on every song, and I love them all so much. They’re like my little children. That one — it’s like, that’s the heart the album. That was one the first songs we made. It’s just very pure, in a way.”

Now that the album is out and she's spending all this time with pop stars she looks up to, does she have any plans to collaborate on the road? “I was thinking about this yesterday,” she says about rubbing elbows with Lorde and Katy for weeks at a time. “I was like, 'OK, this is actually work. I should be, like, smart and actually bring it up, because we’re, like, hanging out. I’m meeting these people — these amazing people — that I actually look up to every day, and I’m so stupid if I don’t ask for something.' But we’ll see, we’ll see. Keep pushing me! I might do it.”

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