Pop Shop Podcast: Jessie Ware Talks Top Tips for Festival-Goers, Podcasting With Her Mom & Why Latest Tour Was 'Good for the Soul'


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On the latest show, Jessie Ware joins the podcast! The singer, songwriter and podcast host recently wrapped up her latest U.S. headlining tour in support her newest album, her third studio effort, Glasshouse. Next, she’ll play a series festival shows throughout July across Europe.

Ware says that the best part the latest tour was “realizing how, and please excuse the pun, devoted my fans are” (playing f the title Ware’s debut album, Devotion).

“It's kind really made me very confident about my fan base here in particular. They’re mad and they're completely invested me and supportive. And you know there's been some, I wouldn't say hairy moments, but maybe some slightly less full shows in middle America. But they've kind almost been the most magical shows as well because this little army fans, they stick together. (There’s) kind this whole network them on the Internet, which I don't think I've been aware in the last two records. So, I think that's what this touring has been summed up for me, that my fans aren't going anywhere and they're growing slowly, slowly.”

Is it hard to play shows where maybe the show isn’t packed full rabid fans?

“I think I was spoiled at the beginning ( her career) when I first started touring the States, where I was playing much smaller shows but they were selling out kind instantly.” She says that on her recent solo tour, the not quite sold-out gigs “made me actually perform better.”

“Don't get me wrong, like there's a part your ego is slightly bruised, but almost I think you put on a better show.” She says that the first time she had a gig that “wasn’t busy,” there was perhaps a bit hesitation on her part, but she says, “whether there’s one person in the room or 6,000, you’ve got to put on a good show. And it was… it's been eye-opening. And actually, I think really good for the soul.”

For Ware’s festival gigs in July, she’ll be playing to large audiences, where one has to “make an impact really quickly,” as there’s “so much competition.”

“I think for me,” Ware says, “it's a real chance to win over some new people and people that may be dubious about me, they've come to maybe hear one song or to check whether I'm any good. If you can keep them for a few songs before they go and see somebody else, I think that's a winner.”

Ware — who loves going to festivals as an audience member — also has some top tips for festival-goers. Her biggest piece advice? “Don't wait for people to go to the loo. That is one my biggest tips. If you're with a group over three people, everyone needs a wee and it's so annoying. Stick to about three people at a festival. Do not wait for everybody to go for a wee, otherwise you will just be at the toilets the whole the festival. And it's infuriating.”

In addition to Ware’s very full music career, she also has her own successful podcast, Table Manners With Jessie Ware. The show is currently the top food podcast in the U.K. Apple Podcasts app’s arts category.

On Table Manners, Ware’s mother, Lennie, usually prepares a meal for Ware and a guest, and then everyone has a general casual discussion – ten about food and music. Previous guests on the show include Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith and Paloma Faith. The show premiered in November 2017, and has earned Ware and her mother a book deal (“which is ludicrous,” Ware jokes).

“It’s been funny working with her. You don't ever think you're going to work with your mom, and it doesn't really feel like you're working anyway. Like we're just basically fighting in a kitchen like we've always done and talking about food, which is what we always do as well, so it's great.”

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