Polo G Launches AAU Basketball Team In Chicago To Keep Youth Out Of Trouble


There are many hip hop artists who return to the communities that helped raise them in order to give back to the next generation. Rappers have provided, food, shelter, and other resources for the less privileged, and Polo G wanted to make sure that kids in Chicago had the opportunity to participate in activities that keep them out of trouble.

Polo G Launches AAU Basketball Team In Chicago To Keep Youth Out Of Trouble
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

In a recent Instagram post, the 20-year-old shared that when he visited his old elementary school earlier this year, he learned that the kids didn’t have an AAU Team—an Amateur Athletes Union. Established in 1888, AAU is a non-profit, volunteer program that provides various sports programs for the youth. Polo G returned to his former school with a surprise for them: he created a team to hopefully keep them focused, disciplined, and off the streets.

“A few days ago was the try outs fa my official Aau Team,” the rapper wrote in the caption of a video he shared on social media. “During the school year I visited my neighborhood elementary school & the kids told me they ain’t have a Aau team Dat f*cked me up a lil bit cuz ik comin up we at least had that opportunity & if these kids ain’t in no program or involved in some type of sport it ain’t sh*t but trouble out there to find them…So I kept my promise with the help of management & some ppl within my community and we put together ‘The Chicago Grizzlies’🐻🖤for the youth this a pretty big/heart warming accomplishment to me Cuz I always wanted to b the one to grow up & make some type of difference💯💯.”

Check out clips from the newly formed Chicago Grizzlies and listen to Polo G talk about wanting to make a positive impact on his community below.