Police Say Speeding Was A Factor In Kevin Hart’s Car Crash


Kevin Hart’s weekend was quite literally derailed when he was a passenger in his own vehicle that flew off the side of Mulholland Highway in Los Angeles, 10 feet away from the road. Kevin was able to make his way out of the vintage Plymouth Barracuda but the driver, Jared Black, was pinned under the vehicle until paramedics arrived. 

Police Say Speeding Was A Factor In Kevin Hart's Car Crash
James Gourley/Getty Images

The Night School actor had successful back surgery yesterday and while he will still be able to walk, he’s been put on bed rest in the hospital for a few more days. Kevin’s wife Eniko shared an update that he’s “going to be just fine” and TMZ now reports that the crash is still being investigated by police. According to the publication, speeding is being looked at a factor since an eyewitness described the sound of car wheels screeching before the impact on the fence that sent them flying off road. 

Skid marks on the road will be able to determine the speed that Jared was driving but considering that his condition after the crash is still unknown, his report on what happened can’t be confirmed. We can only hope Jared, and his fiancee Rebecca Broxterman (who was also in the car) make a fast recovery.