Police Believe Nipsey Hussle’s Murder Was "Gang Related"


LAPD officials have begun seeking the man responsible for last night’s fatal shooting of Nipsey Hussle, which transpired at the rapper’s Marathon clothing store on Slauson and Crenshaw. Though the killer’s identity remains unknown, further details are beginning to emerge about the incident, and the investigative direction police appear to be taking. According to a report the Los Angeles Times, Hussle was shot at close range by a man who proceeded to flee into a getaway car. Citing one of their sources, it would appear that police are operating as if the shooting was gang-related.

The source claims that the shooter is likely tied to an unidentified gang, though further details about his appearance (other than the fact he’s a young black male) or any specific gang affiliation have yet to be made public. The report suggests that police have been interviewing witnesses and scouring security footage, but details continue to remain elusive. As for the suspect’s means of arrival, Los Angeles Police Lt. Chris Ramirez seems to have more questions than answers. “At this point, we’re not even sure as to whether he walked up, rode a bicycle or drove up in a car,” he says, to the Times.

Police Believe Nipsey Hussle's Murder Was "Gang Related"

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images 

Speaking previously with the LA Times, Nipsey opened up about his experience coming up with the Rollin’ 60s Crips. “We dealt with death, with murder,” he explained. “It was like living in a war zone, where people die on these blocks and everybody is a little bit immune to it. I guess they call it post-traumatic stress, when you have people that have been at war for such a long time. I think L.A. suffers from that because it’s not normal yet we embrace it like it is after a while.”

We can only hope that further light is shed on Nipsey’s murder, and those responsible can be brought to justice accordingly. Rest in peace, Nipsey Hussle.