"Pokemon Sleep" Will Allow You To Channel Your Inner Snorlax


What a time to be alive for a Pokemon fan. Between Detective Pikachu,the upcoming Sword & Shield games heading to the big screen for the first time in series history, and the continued success of Pokemon Go in time for the summer months, 2019 has brought a bountiful harvest of Pocket Monsters. Now, it would appear that the docket has gotten a little more stacked, as Niantic, developer Select Button, and The Pokémon Company have announced yet another mobile game, the official sequel to Pokemon Go.

The new game, titled Pokemon Sleep, is vastly different in nature. For one, one does not have to be awake to play. Rather than focusing on mobility, Sleep will use one’s sleep patterns as a means of measuring progress. While it may not be the most exciting game, it will likely make for a mildly entertaining companion piece to Go, especially if they can somehow find a way to connect the two experiences.

While details surrounding deeper gameplay elements remain scarce, the official Pokemon Twitter page has reported that Pokemon Sleep will be surfacing in 2020. You got a few more “Mask Off” covers in your before you gotta put down the Pokeflute.