"Pokemon" & "Fortnite" Reign Supreme Among Music’s Most-Referenced Games


In hip-hop, popular culture references are likely to permeate any given monitor, stretching deep into the gaming realm. Rappers have brazenly professed their love of gaming, with the latest Fortnite craze hitting the hip-hop world with full pressure. Therefore, it is no shock that the Battle Royale shooter ended up cracking the top-ten most referenced online game's throughout all music genres, in accordance to a list by "Lyricfind." 

"Pokemon" & "Fortnite" Reign Supreme Among Music's Most-Referenced Games

Image by way of LYRICFIND

Pokemon sits on the prime by a large margin, and rap followers can seemingly draw just a few references off the highest; I can already assume of some from Lil Baby and Mick Jenkins, with out straining too laborious. While "Donkey Kong" stays one of many recreation's most referenced, one has to wonder if Diddy, Dixie, Funky, and the rest of the beloved ape clan are destined for an upswing in love; in any case, Donkey Kong Country 2 was arguably the crowning achievement of the collection, and Donkey wasn't even the principle character. Other widespread titles embody Pac-Man, Street Fighter, Tekken, Tetris, Zelda, and Mario Kart. 

Check out the complete checklist above, and pontificate. Are you stunned at a few of these inclusions?