Poesy Drops Seductive Debut Single ‘Body Language’: Exclusive


Newcomer Poesy’s fiery debut single, “Body Language,” introduces the singer and her powerful belt to the music world. The Canadian artist captivates with distinct vocals, electronic beats and pulsating guitar parts on the rock anthem. Her first taste of new music, “Body Language” is featured on Poesy’s forthcoming four-track EP Glass Box Confessional, due Oct. 4.

“Body Language” was written by Poesy (Sarah Botelho), Jamie Kenney and Liz Rose, during her first trip to Nashville and has the singer channeling powerhouse singers like Alanis Morissette, Tori Amos and Fiona Apple before her. A song about not knowing how to tell another how you feel, Poesy tries to use her body language instead. She says the song was inspired by an essay by Leslie Jamison (The Empathy Exams) about heartbreak.

“This song is about communication – or lack thereof,” Poesy tells Billboard. “It’s about feeling pain and not knowing how to tell someone that so you try to show them you’re hurting instead. ‘Body Language’ is the perfect introduction because the entire EP is deeply rooted in communication. It is very much a ‘here I am, I’m not going to make apologies or excuses for it, just listen to what I have to say’ type of record, which I think makes sense with it being my first big release with Big Machine.”

Poesy says “Body Language” is “loud and aggressive, but still [has] that little hint of proud vulnerability,” which listeners will hear in the EP. Glass Box Confessional will be released Big Machine Records/Bell Media Inc. 

“’Body Language’ is definitely sonically a good gauge of the record. Every track has a different vibe to it, and I think they are all little unique bits of what I wanted to say,” she adds. “That underlying ‘80s feel is definitely present throughout the record and a lot of the reason for that was because of the direction ‘Body Language’ took when we started producing it. I love that little nod to the past because I grew up loving the landscape of the ‘80s and I think it’s also allowed us to do some really interesting things visually with the album that ties it all together even more.”

Watch the video for “Body Language” below.