P!nk’s 8 Best Collaborations


P!nk has the kind of dynamic voice that can certainly stand alone, but as she's proven in her nearly 20-year career, joining forces with another artist can take it to the next level. The singer has teamed up with the likes of Steven Tyler, Sia, Kenny Chesney and Eminem, showing off her vocal versatility.

On her most recent album, Hurts 2B Human, P!nk collaborated with KhalidWrabel, Cash Cash and Chris Stapleton — performing the duet "Love Me Anyway" with Stapleton at her Madison Square Garden show on May 21. The pair's harmonies were so stunning live, Billboard couldn't help revisiting all of P!nk's genius collabs.

Check out our eight favorite P!nk collaborations below.

"Setting the World on Fire" with Kenny Chesney (Chesney's Cosmic Hallelujah)

Before P!nk recruited Stapleton for her own album, another country superstar saw her potential, and the result was awe-inspiring. Chesney's rich vocals paired flawlessly with P!nk's beautiful tone, helping the song's already romantic lyrics become even more idyllic.

"Just Give Me a Reason," feat. Nate Ruess (The Truth About Love)

You know a song is solid when just the piano riff gives you the feels. That's exactly the case with "Just Give Me a Reason" — but add P!nk's harmonies with Ruess and her impassioned power notes, and suddenly you find yourself hoping that they really can learn to love again.

"Love Me Anyway," feat. Chris Stapleton (Hurts 2B Human)

Considering the insane vocal power of both P!nk and Stapleton on their own, it's no surprise that they sound incredible together. They opted for a piano ballad, which allowed their voices to soar and harmonies to awe — and yes, they sound just as amazing together in person.

"True Love," feat. Lily Allen (The Truth About Love)

P!nk is about as audacious as singers come, but if there's one person that can give her a run for her money, it's British star Lily Allen. The bold women paired for a tune about romance, but one that's fittingly stubborn: "You're the only love I've ever known/ But I hate you, I really hate you/ So much I think it must be/ True love, true love."

"Hurts 2B Human," feat. Khalid (The Truth About Love)

One of the more unique voices P!nk has ever teamed with, Khalid also helped the pop singer introduce a more R&B-leaning sound to her latest album with the title track. The acoustic guitar-tinged tune doesn't lose its P!nk-ness, though, including its catchy "You, you, you, you, you" hook and a handful of powerful vocal moments.

"Feel Good Time," feat. William Orbit (Try This)

Though the Try This cut wasn't one of P!nk's best-performing Billboard Hot 100 hits, the wavy production-heavy song is definitely a party starter. Perhaps people were upset that the techno sounds muted P!nk's strong vocals, but she can't be belting all the time.

"Misery," feat. Steven Tyler (M!ssundaztood)

A deep cut from P!nk's classic 2001 LP M!ssundaztood, "Misery" is likely one of her lesser-known collaborations — a shame, because it's one of her biggest vocal showcases on the album. The song's pounding melody is reminiscent of an Aerosmith power ballad, but P!nk's vocal prowess definitely matches up to Tyler's.

"Lady Marmalade" with Christina Aguilera, Lil Kim and Mya (Moulin Rouge! soundtrack)

How do you take a sexy song and make it an absolute smash? Bring four dominant females together, add a pounding beat, and splash it with a little French. P!nk's edgy tone provided the perfect amount of sass to "Lady Marmalade," a tune that became instantly iconic thanks to its badass women and their insane harmonies — especially that final "Ooh, ooh, yes-ah!" And with its lingerie-covered video to boot, there may never be a sexier collaboration.