P!nk Reveals Her ‘Magic Tricks’ in Behind-the-Scenes Video For ‘Walk Me Home’: Watch


P!nk has shared a behind-the-scenes look at the captivating video for her latest single “Walk Me Home,” revealing all of the details behind the dancing shadows that accompanied her down the city streets.

The energetic singer-songwriter opens the clip by introducing “the incredible Michael Gracey,” who directed the music video. The clip then goes on to show snippets of footage of P!nk and her crew of jumpsuit-clad backup dancers on set as they shoot the video at Universal.

P!nk says the video is “gonna be really, really, really, possibly the most beautiful thing I’ve ever done.” The Grammy-nominated artist goes on to explain the dynamics of the theatrical video: “There’s a lot of dancing and a lot of partners, but it’s just me. It’s gonna be very hard to explain with words, you’re gonna have to see it and take it in to believe it.”

In the music video, P!nk wears a red flowing dress while showcasing her skillful acrobatic and dancing moves along a deserted city night, with only shadows to support her along the way.

“It’s a magic trick, essentially, and it’s that you can be completely surrounded but completely alone,” the singer explains in the BTS video. “And it’s gonna be really beautiful and something no one has ever seen before.”

Back in what appeared to be a changing room, P!nk and Gracey talk about working together. “It’s been amazing,” Gracey says.

“It’s been incredible,” Gracey adds. “To get to work with you on this was a dream, it really was. You have an idea of what it would be like to collaborate with someone, creatively, and for me this really has been that ‘cause I love what this has evolved to, I also love what you bring to it.”

Watch the full behind-the-scenes clip for Pink’s “Walk Me Home” video below.