P!nk Conquers July Boxscore Charts


In the first full stadium leg of Pink’s storied touring career, she tops July’s monthly boxscore recap.

During the final leg of the Beautiful Trauma World Tour, P!nk played a run European stadiums in July. From the 3rd to the 30th, she grossed $61.5 million and sold 594,483 tickets, according to figures reported to Billboard Boxscore. That makes the high-wired rockstar the first artist to top the monthly Top Tours twice after reigning over the March 2019 ranking. Other former leaders include Elton John, Ed Sheeran, BTS, and the Spice Girls.

The $60 million-plus figure makes it the highest one-month total since the inception of Billboard’s monthly boxscore recap. It’s also the highest one-month gross throughout P!nk’s entire Beautiful Trauma World Tour, and her career. The last time she ruled the Top Tours chart, she barely cracked the $30 million mark with 15 arena shows in North America.

The European leg of her tour introduced the pop star to stadiums across the continent. It’s the first full leg of any P!nk tour in stadiums, averaging 45,950 tickets per night. This is a sharp increase from the 15,145 tickets each night on the North American trek and 14,576 tickets on her last European stint, a 2013 leg of The Truth About Love Tour.

The Beautiful Trauma World Tour marked a 39% increase in ticket prices over P!nk’s last tour. Still, she remained conservative in Europe, averaging $106.17 in Europe, as opposed to prices north of $140 in arenas across North America and Australia. This reserve is in line with the scaling of The Truth About Love Tour, when European tickets ($72.55) stayed far below prices around the world.

P!nk played five more stadiums in August, plus three final North American arena concerts. In total, the 18-month worldwide tour wrapped on Monday, Aug. 19 with $397.3 million and 3,088,647 tickets sold, officially becoming one of the ten highest-grossing tours in Billboard Boxscore’s archives and the second highest-grossing tour by a woman, behind Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet Tour ($408 million; 2008-09).

At No. 1 on the Top Boxscores chart, P!nk grossed $11.8 million at Munich’s Olympiastadion across two shows on July 26-27. It is one of eight engagements from July to gross more than $10 million and one of six to sell more than 100,000 tickets. Sheeran, Andre Rieu, and BTS also join both clubs with engagements in Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and Japan, respectively. The Rolling Stones push past the $10 million mark with four lower-selling engagements (relatively speaking – each stadium show sold more than 45,000 tickets), juiced by premium ticket prices close to $500.

With two additional engagements in the top half of the Boxscores chart, The Rolling Stones grab the No. 2 position on this month’s Top Tours listing with $61.1 million. That means that P!nk took the pole position by just $433,000, or a margin of 1%. To further accent this narrow victory, the gap between the Stones and Sheeran (No. 3) is $21 million.

Sheeran and Metallica (No. 4) follow P!nk’s lead, flooding the upper tier of the Top Tours and Top Boxscores charts with European stadium gigs. Following May and June stadium shows by BTS and the Spice Girls, Europe is enjoying a robust concert calendar this summer, as opposed to a slightly lighter fare in North America. While last Summer sported extensive U.S. stadium tours by Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé & Jay-Z, and Kenny Chesney, the Stones are the only act on this month’s Top Tours ranking that fill that void.

Together, the Stones (six), P!nk (five), and Metallica (six) make up more than half of the 30-position Top Boxscores chart. The only venue with repeat appearances is the month’s top-grossing arena, Madison Square Garden. The famed New York arena repeats atop the Top Venues (15,001+ capacity) listing with $19.7 million, spotlighted by two-night engagements by Jennifer Lopez (No. 23) and John Mayer (No. 26). Lopez notches a second entry at No. 24 with a three-night run at Miami’s American Airlines Arena, where she finished the It’s My Party tour with a $5.5 million gross alongside 40,055 fans.

Because of the glut of boxscores from the aforementioned U.S. and European tours, only two engagements outside those territories make this month’s Top Boxscores chart. BTS hits Nos. 7 and 9 this month with Japanese double-headers in Shizuoka and Osaka, respectively. The South Korean boy-band goes eight-for-eight, placing every engagement from the Love Yourself: Speak Yourself Tour in the top 10 of the monthly Top Boxcores chart (Nos. 1-2, 4, 9 in May; Nos. 4-5 in June).

Finally, the lone residency in this month’s top 30 doesn’t come from Las Vegas, but Maastricht, Netherlands. Dutch violinist and conductor Andre Rieu played his annual hometowns shows at Vrijthof, performing 12 concerts between July 4-21. The shows combined to a $10.8 million gross with over 100,000 tickets sold, further extending his record as the top grossing and top selling classical artist in the Billboard Boxscore archives.