PnB Rock Names Drake & XXXTentacion Among Top 5 Best Rappers


A Top Five can feel immensely personal, strategically curated as a means of personal expression. Hence why many hip-hop fans are eager to share their selections at any opportunity, be it through social media or the local barbershop. Today, PnB Rock has come through to offer his own collection of honorary inductees, although it’s unclear whether they encompass the scope of history, or merely the present moment. In any case, PnB’s favorite rappers are cut from a modern-day cloth, primarily active (save for one tragic example) and close to his inner circle. As he tells it, the following are worthy:

1. Drake
3.Young Thug
4.Durkio (Free Slime)
5. No Cap (He Next Up)

PnB Rock Names Drake & XXXTentacion Among Top 5 Best Rappers

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

PnB’s affinity for Drake’s music is well documented, with the TrapStar Turnt PopStar having previously revealed aspirations of laying down some future collaborations. At number two is XXXTentacion, a friend and former collaborator of Rock; together, the pair helped bring “Changes” to life, as evidenced by a bittersweet behind-the-scenes studio clip. Young Thug, Lil Durk, and NoCap also earn placement, with the latter being predicted as “next up.” Is PnB’s Top Five a sound assessment, or does he need to broaden his musical horizons?